Edmonton Wedding Videography

Timeless wedding videography captured by our studio is the perfect way to complete your wedding package.


We offer combo packages that offer an incredible value. Please see below for our combo packages. 



Together with my husband Derek I've been making romantic wedding videos for almost 10 years now.



Our approach to wedding videography is to capture the emotion of your day in a way that feels magical and true to the feeling of the occasion. We compose our shots very carefully and move our cameras in a way that feels organic and cinematic to ensure your film is a pleasure to watch for years to come. 


Our work has been featured on numerous publications both here in Canada and south of the border including Blush, Bridal Fantasy, YegWed, Canadian Wedding Association and Style Inspired Weddings. 



Why our films feel different


People always tell us that our films look and feel different but they can't put their finger on why.
Our films are organic. They are truly created out of a place of great love. Love for the sacred truth that a wedding represents, for great stories, for the clients we so dearly treasure. We make each film different, as each couple is unique. 
Our number one focus is telling your story in a way that feels authentic to you. We believe each couple has a special beauty about them just waiting to be captured. It's often in the quiet moments of the day where we find this beauty. 


We will create beautiful wedding video in addition to photography that you will cherish for years to come.





Videography Package: $3,500

  • 10-hour coverage

  • 1 videographer

  • 3 - 5 minutes short film

Photography and Videography Combo Package: $6,000 


  • 10 hours of coverage

  • 2nd photographer from getting ready to formal

  • Flash drive of digital negatives

  • Online gallery


  • 10 hours of coverage

  • 1 videographer

  • 3 - 5 minute highlights film delivered via digital download



Press & Awards


Winner - CWIA - Best Short Highlights Film (AB)

Winner - CWIA - Best Wedding Videographer (AB)

Winner - Three Best - Top 3 Video Production Studio (Edmonton)

Featured in: Blush, Bridal Fantasy, Style Inspired Weddings + more