Daphne Chen

Hi, my name is Daphne and I am a data analyst/scientist. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Alberta. I discovered my love for data when I was an Marketing Account Manager. I have obtained data science and data analytics certificates from UBC, eCornell, HarvardX, and MicroStrategy within the past 5 years. I love finding hidden patterns in data.



Sentiment Analysis - App Review

Utilize web scraping techniques to extract Expedia and Trivago's app reviews from Apple App Store and perform sentiment analysis to understand what parts of user experience are viewed negatively and positively.


Using Logistic Regression and Decision Tree to determine whether a person makes over $50K a year based on census data from 1994. 



The goal for this project is to create a movie recommendation system using the MovieLens dataset, a project inspired by the Netflix challenge in 2006. In this document, we will explore different methods or creating a movie recommendation system and find a method that gives us the best RMSE. 


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