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Hello! My name is Daphne Brandon. I love photography and I have been a wedding photographer for over 10 years. I am also a mom of two kids and married. When I am not photographing weddings, I enjoy playing with kids, running, and biking. 

I studied both painting (I even sold some of my paintings!) and photography and though I didn't notice it at first, I can see how the two artistic fields have come together in my wedding photography work.

There is something about creating imagery that gives me joy. I've always been a quiet person and though I love people very much, I sometimes find it hard to represent my feelings with words. Art has given me a way to visually represent the beauty I see all around me - especially the beauty found between two people saying"I do".

I value peace, kindness and humility above all else. If you hire me to photograph your wedding, I will work very hard to capture beautiful images, but I won't be a commanding force disrupting the natural flow of your special day.  Some photographers do that. And that's okay if you'd prefer a loud, take-charge creative force. It's just not in me to do it.


I want you to enjoy getting married. I want you to live in the moment and treasure the sacred occasion. I have an eye for what I want in the frame and I will direct you during the formal photo session with specific instructions, but for the most part, I will be a butterfly delicately making my way through your story with my camera in hand. It's your day, not mine. And it would be my honour to capture it.

Send me a message and I would love to connect with you for your photography needs. 

Yours truly,


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